Plant Magic Mocktail

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  • $26.00
Sugar Free
Zero Calories

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Citric Acid, Monk Fruit Extract, Reishi Extract, Natural Flavors, Botanical Terpenes, Salt, CBD Nano Emulsion, Natural Colors (Derviced from Plants)

Do you like the taste of a grapefruit paloma cocktail on a warm summer day? Do you love the way the slightly salty, slightly citrus taste hits your tongue and makes you feel all warm and loose? And are you looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to that glorious feeling?

Well then, this Grapefruit Paloma mocktail is just for you. 

All natural, sugar free and plant-based, each of our Plant Magic Mocktails is a plant magic wonder, powered by:

  • Fast-acting, clean, nano-emulsified CBD

  • Uplifting botanical terpenes, and 

  • Reishi mushroom extract

That powerful plant magic "stack" makes you feel good naturally, and no, it doesn't make you high. (Here is a link to our lab reports showing that this CBD is 100% federally legal.)

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The CBD in this product is less than 0.03% THC by volume and is fully federally legal. For lab results of the CBD in the products you will receive, click here and here.




Nanoparticles of CBD are the tiniest and mightiest of all types of CBD. Because of its  nano size, our CBD is easily absorbed by our bodies (it starts working in your mouth before it hits your esophagus and small intestine) and  gives us that ahhhhh feeling as soon as a glass of wine, without the hangover. 


Terpenes are white truffles of the phytocannabinoid queen-dom because of their proven ability to change our moods.. Derived from medicinal plants such as citrus rinds, hops, lavender and basil, our terpenes are scientifically formulated to energize and lift. Even better? Our terpenes are solvent-less, GMO-free, and filler-free. 


“A divine, spiritual magic kind of mushroom”, Reishi mushroom extract is an adaptogen believed to boost memory and energy. Known in Chinese medicine as the “long-life herb”, Reishi also is known for its anti-aging properties.