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No Alcohol. No Sugar. Non-Intoxicating.


What is a Non-Alcoholic Cocktail?

With a curious and proprietary blend of 100mg organic reishi mushroom and botanical terpenes (i.e. aromatics), our ready-to-drink plant magic mocktails deliver the flavors and mood-boosting sensations of traditional cocktails, without alcohol or sugar.  Tastes great on ice, chilled in a coup glass, or straight from the can at the beach. 

What is a Non-Alcoholic Spirit? 

For the creators, mixers and slow sippers, our non-alcoholic spirits contain 100 mg organic lion’s mane mushroom and a unique blend of plant extracts for bold and complex flavors that won’t be diluted in your favorite cocktails. Sip neat, on ice or in a cocktail for a non-intoxicating brain buzz that will heighten creativity and deepen conversations.  

How will the non-alcoholic cocktails and spirits make me feel?

Our non-alcoholic cocktails and spirits will make you feel relaxed, uplifted and ever-so-slightly giggly. Most people remark that they “actually feel something” after drinking a can of our cocktails or a few ounces of our St. Ember. We formulated them to deliver that delicious “take the edge off” feeling of a first sip of alcohol, without alcohol or sugar. Little Saints are 100% legal, 0.0% alcohol, and not at all intoxicating.

Will the mushrooms in your drinks make me high?

Absolutely not! Little Saints mushrooms are 100% legal, and our drinks are not at all intoxicating. According to our neuroscience advisor Dr. Josh Kaplan, unlike alcohol, functional mushrooms do not impair judgment, reaction time, or coordination. You can safely drive after consuming the levels of reishi and lion’s mane mushroom found in Little Saints beverages. 

We use two kinds of mushroom extracts in our drinks: reishi and lion’s mane, both sourced from a USDA organic certified supplier with FDA “GRAS” (“generally regarded as safe”) designation granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Reishi and lions’ mane mushrooms were originally used in Eastern medicine practices for immunity, cognition, focus and longevity. Today, millions of people take reishi and lion’s mane as health supplements. Since drinking is a lot more fun than taking pills, we decided to put the supplements directly into Little Saints non-alcoholic beverages. 

Is it safe to mix Little Saints with alcohol? 

We encourage consuming Little Saints in lieu of booze to enhance sociability without the negative side effects. If you have any of the original Little Saints formulations that contain CBD, do not mix them with alcohol. 

Is there a limit on how many Little Saints I can drink in a day? 

With respect to the formulations that contain only functional mushrooms and no CBD, there are no limits here to the number of Little Saints you can consume in a day. The amount of fluid you can consume is your only limitation. 

If you have any of the original Little Saints mocktail formulations that contain 10mg of CBD per serving (which are no longer sold on our site, but may be available in stores), our neuroscience advisor, Josh Kaplan, had the following to say:

“Each Little Saints drink contains 10 milligrams of CBD, and adults can safely consume hundreds, if not thousands of milligrams of CBD at a time without adverse effects. However, the amount of CBD in the body can build up over time with daily consumption because CBD blocks the body’s processes that break it down. Unless you’re drinking many cases on a daily basis, this isn’t concerning. But CBD can impair the body’s ability to break down other medications that you may be consuming by blocking certain enzymes in the liver from doing their job. As a result, certain medications can build up to potentially harmful or ineffective levels. You can use this online tool to see if there’s an interaction between CBD and the medication you’re taking. Despite this, most studies find that CBD has a safe track record when consumed by patients concurrently with prescription medications.”

Are Little Saints safe for children? 

Always ask your doctor before allowing your child to consume a beverage with ingredients that he or she has not tried before. As a reminder, the FDA has granted “GRAS” designation to our reishi and lion’s mane extracts, and our drinks are 0.0% alcohol and not intoxicating. 

Can I drink Little Saints while pregnant or nursing? 

Always ask your doctor before consuming a beverage containing ingredients that are either new to you or that you have not ingested since becoming pregnant or beginning to nurse. As a reminder, the FDA has granted “GRAS” designation to our reishi and lion’s mane extracts, and our drinks are 0.0% alcohol and not intoxicating. 

I have one of your original formulations that contains CBD. Are there certain medications that don’t mix well with CBD?

Yes. According to our neuroscience advisor, Josh Kaplan, CBD blocks the activity of certain enzymes in the liver that are responsible for breaking down over 90% of prescription medications. Consequently, consuming CBD while on other medications may lead to elevated levels of that medication that make it ineffective or even dangerous. How do you know if CBD may impact your medication levels? Check out this website created by the Penn State College of Medicine, which will help you identify potential interactions between CBD and your medication. Notably, if you do find that there’s an interaction, always consult with your physician before altering your medication dose.

Where are your products produced?

Our St. Ember is made in Framingham, Massachusetts and our Non-Alcoholic Cocktails are made in Hudsonville, MI - both locally owned and operated facilities run by people we love!  

Are you hiring?

We are not at the moment for full or part-time positions, but we love to meet new people, especially those who love to help with events! Email us at with a note about how you think we could work well together and your work experience. 

Can I buy non-alcoholic cocktails in stores near me? 

Hopefully! Take a look at our stockist locator, to see if Little Saints is available near you. If you’d like to see us at a local store where we are not currently served, please send us an email at or a DM to @littlesaintsco on Instagram, and we’ll reach out to that stockist. 

Do you have a wholesale site?

Yes! We partner with stores across the country to provide our Little Saints Non-Alcoholic cocktails & N/A Spirit at retail stores, bars & restaurants. To set up a wholesale account for approval, please fill out your account information on our wholesale site.