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No alcohol. No sugar. Non-intoxicating.


What is a Plant Magic Mocktail?

It's the drink you've been waiting for! It gives you the taste and sensory experience of a cocktail without the booze, and it contains functional plant magic to make you feel good. Our proprietary blend of Reishi mushroom extract, CBD and aromatics is specifically formulated to energize and lift. Tastes great on ice, chilled in a coup glass, or straight from the can at the beach. 

What is your Shipping Policy?

We ship all orders within 2 business days. All orders are shipped via UPS or USPS from our warehouse in Lisle, Illinois. You will receive email updates, including tracking information, when your order has shipped. Please note that we may choose not to ship to Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota or outside of the United States.

Are Little Saints plant magic mocktails legal?

Yes. The CBD used in our Plant Magic Mocktails is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC as required by federal law. The terpenes are sourced from botanical ingredients. The Plant Magic Mocktails can be shipped within the United States. 

When can I buy the mocktails? 

Our Plant Magic Mocktails are available for sale on this site and in many stores across the country. Check out our store locator,, to find Little Saints near you! Make sure to subscribe to emails so that you can get your order in before they sell out.

Is it safe to mix Little Saints with alcohol?

The FDA recommends against mixing CBD with alcohol. We recommend against mixing anything with alcohol and sticking to beverages that indulge your spirit, like Little Saints. 

Is CBD intoxicating?

No, CBD is not intoxicating. You may have heard that CBD is “psychoactive” and that’s because it can affect brain activity. However, it does so in vastly different ways than the intoxicating effects of alcohol or THC. Unlike alcohol, relevant levels of CBD do not impair judgement, reaction time, or coordination. You can safely drive after consuming CBD at levels found in Little Saints beverages. (This FAQ was written by Little Saints' neuroscientist advisor, Dr. Josh Kaplan.)

Is there a limit on how many Little Saints I can drink in a day?

No limits here! The amount of fluid you can consume is your only limitation. Each Little Saints drink contains 10 milligrams of CBD, and adults can safely consume hundreds, if not thousands of milligrams of CBD at a time without adverse effects. However, the amount of CBD in the body can build up over time with daily consumption because CBD blocks the body’s processes that break it down. Unless you’re drinking many cases on a daily basis, this isn’t concerning. But CBD can impair the body’s ability to break down other medications that you may be consuming by blocking certain enzymes in the liver from doing their job. As a result, certain medications can build up to potentially harmful or ineffective levels. You can use this online tool to see if there’s an interaction between CBD and the medication you’re taking. Despite this, most studies find that CBD has a safe track record when consumed by patients concurrently with prescription medications. (This FAQ was written by Little Saints' neuroscientist advisor, Dr. Josh Kaplan.)

Are Little Saints safe for children?

Our cans contain the standard FDA warning that CBD is not recommended for consumption by children. 

Can I drink Little Saints while pregnant or nursing?

Our cans contain the standard FDA warning that CBD is not recommended for consumption by pregnant or nursing women. 

Are there certain medications that don’t mix well with CBD?

Yes. CBD blocks the activity of certain enzymes in the liver that are responsible for breaking down over 90% of prescription medications. Consequently, consuming CBD while on other medications may lead to elevated levels of that medication that make it ineffective or even dangerous. How do you know if CBD may impact your medication levels? Check out this website created by the Penn State College of Medicine, which will help you identify potential interactions between CBD and your medication. Notably, if you do find that there’s an interaction, always consult with your physician before altering your medication dose.

What is your connection to Detroit?

Little Saints was born in Detroit on Memorial Day weekend 2021, when our founder showed up at the opening of Spot Lite (the best club in Detroit) with our Baby Mint vending trailer and dressed up like the Terpene Queen. It was the opening day of Detroit's most famous music festival, Movement, and we surrounded ourselves with fellow music lovers who were looking for an alternative to alcohol to help them feel the music. Little Saints was headquartered in Detroit for its first year, after which time our founder moved back to New York.

We continue to love Detroit's people, its music, its amazingly cool art scene, its architecture and its kindness. We return every year for Movement and would love to see you there!

Where are your products produced?

In Hudsonville, Michigan, by a locally owned and operated canning facility run by people we love.

Are you hiring?

Not necessarily, but we always love to meet new people, especially those who love to work events. Email us at with a note about how you think we could work well together.