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No Alcohol. No Sugar. Non-Intoxicating.

Turn On to Turn Up: Introducing Damiana, the Flower That Might Turn You On

I was out to dinner with a friend a few weeks before launching our latest reveal, Espresso Martini, to catch up on the nitty gritty of our lives after some time apart.

“What’s the latest with Little Saints?” he asked

“I think we’re starting to really figure this thing out!!” I started

“We’re launching Espresso Martini in a few weeks, which I’m incredibly excited about for multiple reasons, but mostly because we added damiana to the formulation!” I announced with a particular excitement in my voice.

He stared at me blankly.

“What is damiana?” he asked

In the throes of attempting to describe its effects, I decided to simplify. 

“It’s a heart opener…” I said, my voice starting to trail, realizing he had no idea what I was talking about.

His stare went from empty to concerned.

“What does it do to your heart?!” he said, finally giving voice to the growing concern in his eyes.

I’ve come to love these reminders that we do, indeed, exist in a very niche space and that not everyone finds this stuff as inexplicably fascinating as Megan and I do.

But, regardless of where people fall on the spectrum of fascination with plants and mushrooms, what we’ve found most intriguing is the people purchasing our product are not necessarily from said space. They’re from all parts of the country – metro areas to the suburbs – ranging from students to retirees. What they have in common is the desire to feel better during and after moments of enjoyment.

So rather than scaring people by short-cutting to referring to Damiana as a “heart-opener”, we do our best to artistically describe what it means to feel like the best version of ourselves without the emotional (and very human) blockages that keep us from such access.

According to our advisor Dr. Amy Albright, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, “damiana is an incredible heart opener. It’s a beautiful thing to be inside of that space, where you are wanting to connect with yourself and with other people, and being able to feel softly opened or alive and vibrant. It doesn’t make you nervous, it doesn't have any jitters – it’s just a smooth and sweet energy in the body. When it’s mixed with Reishi mushroom, the two work synergistically to open up that heart energy.”

While dissociatives (like alcohol) pull us out of the sensations of our mind and bodies for a feel-good experience, heart openers (like damiana) work inside-out, allowing us to feel the love and joy inside ourselves.

And when we can tap into love, our ailments seem to heal and melt away.

While Damiana is newly making its way into the mainstream US, it has roots much deeper than meets the eye. 

The small shrub was historically used by indigenous cultures in Mexico, Central and the northern part of South America to boost libido, improve digestion, enhance mood and for healing rituals and ceremonies – it was believed to increase intuition and psychic abilities.

With the apothecary opening its doors to the back bar, we decided Damiana needed to be on the short list of fuels and added it alongside reishi mushroom and a touch of caffeine in our limited edition run of Espresso Martini.

This combination makes us feel at ease in our bodies and motivated to connect — in more ways than one — without intoxication or next-day effects.

Open your heart and mind with our strongest drink yet.

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