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Dr. Josh's Top 5 Reasons to Choose CBD over Alcohol

Last week, Dr. Josh Kaplan, Little Saints' neuroscientist advisor, shared the science behind why the positive effects of drinking alcohol quickly turn sour, and why CBD can be a better, sweeter alternative. We're breaking his wisdom into five highlights showing why choosing CBD over alcohol during what we're calling "Mocktober" - a joyful time when we say no to alcohol and yes to living fully - can be great for our emotional wellness. 

1. Any positive effects of alcohol are short-lived. While alcohol temporarily causes the brain to switch to the “rest and digest”, parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, its affects quickly turn sour.

2. After a little while, alcohol forces our body into stress and anxiety. As alcohol is metabolized and cleared from the body, the “rest and digest” response switches over to a “fight or flight” response by the sympathetic nervous system. 

3. The science is clear: alcohol disrupts our sleep, by forcing our nervous system into fight or flight, even when we're sleeping. 

4. CBD can be a great stress- and anxiety-relieving alternative to alcohol. According to Dr. Josh, CBD is most powerful in when a person is feeling stressed or anxious, working to dampen anxiety and reduce the effects of stress. 

5. Unlike alcohol, CBD is not intoxicating (and it doesn't make us feel high). That means it doesn't produce a hangover, disrupt our sleep or prevent us from engaging in normal activities. 

To read Dr. Josh Kaplan's full article, click here

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