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No Alcohol. No Sugar. Non-Intoxicating.

Happy Mocktober 1st!

Mocktober is Little Saints’ take on Sober October – less rules, more fun.

It’s a time when we make the choice to not drink alcohol for a few days, a week, or the whole month, with the intention of bringing more joy into our lives.

Because let’s face it, we know we’re our best selves without alcohol, so what are we waiting for?

We know we're not waiting for a non-alcoholic version of our favorite cocktails that make us feel relaxed and lifted -- we already made those. And they're sugar free and delicious. And on sale all of October with the code "Mocktober20".

We're spreading the love and all we ask is that you spread it further! Anyone who tags @littlesaintsco on IG or TikTok with a story about how they're approaching Mocktober will receive a secret, special gift. 

Now stop reading this and start envisioning you thriving in your best October yet. 



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