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A Moscow Mule Reaches New Heights: A Classics With a Mushroom Twist

In a world bustling with fleeting trends, the Moscow Mule stands tall as a timeless classic. It's not just a drink; it's an emblem of refined taste, a testament to an era that celebrated the art of mingling and the joy of shared moments.

As joyful celebrators of collective effervescence ourselves, it’s only right that we would create our own mushroom-infused non-alcoholic cocktail rendition of this modern mingling classic. With that, here’s an ode to one of our all-time favorite cocktails: the Moscow Mule.

The Moscow Mule: a classic cocktail

Let me transport you to the 1940s, a world colored by elegance and mystique. In the midst of this era, the Moscow Mule was born, a harmonious symphony of vodka, ginger beer, and a hint of lime. A concoction that brought together the bite of ginger and the tang of citrus with the smooth embrace of vodka. This marriage of flavors was more than a drink; it was a passport to sophistication.

Fast forward to today, and the Moscow Mule retains its magnetic allure, whispering tales of nights where laughter and clinking copper mugs mingled in harmony. Each sip carries a wisp of nostalgia, reminiscent of times when a well-crafted cocktail was a testament to craftsmanship and taste.

But let’s not be confined by the past. The Moscow Mule has gracefully embraced the contemporary palate, accommodating myriad reinterpretations and variations. The clink of ice against copper resonates across modern bars, as mixologists paint their imaginative strokes—infusing it with herbs, berries, and even a touch of lavender. Or, in our case, completely reinventing it as an adaptogen-infused, sugar-free non-alcoholic cocktail.

Moscow Mule mocktails: the new kitchen staple

Whether you’re taking a break from alcohol, coping with the bodily demands of pregnancy or early parenthood, or wanting to simply enjoy your favorite cocktail classic without any consequences, there are plenty of great reasons to seek out a less boozy, equally delicious mood-boosting alternative to your favorite zesty libation. 

DIYing an NA Moscow Mule is easy enough, of course – simply leaving out the vodka leaves you with something that still tastes pretty damn great. But if you’re like us, you’ll likely find yourself missing that buzz – and all the sugar might give you some pause, too. And so…the Little Saints Ginger Mule non-alcoholic cocktail was born.

The secret behind the fuel in the Little Saints Ginger Mule non-alcoholic cocktail

Cutting the alcohol is one thing, but our Little Saints Ginger Mule is a little overachiever. It goes a couple steps further for you by:

  1. Swapping out the hard stuff for Reishi mushroom extract and CBD, two master plants that naturally decrease our stress and anxiety while lifting our moods. These adaptogens help ground us in our interactions by dropping us out of our heads and into our bodies, leaving us feeling emotionally attuned and sharp the morning after we imbibe. Saturday morning brunch conversation has never been better.
  2. Crafting a sugar-free concoction that never compromises on flavor. Our non-alcoholic cocktails are always sweetened with monk fruit, not sugar. With sensory notes of ginger beer, lime and a slight hint of lavender, and an almost iridescent look, the Little Saints Ginger Mule still gives off elegance and mystique, sans the sugar crash.

So, as you raise that copper mug, whether it holds a traditional Moscow Mule recipe, a contemporary twist, or a Little Saints Ginger Mule non-alcoholic cocktail, relish in the heritage it carries. Let its effervescence transport you to an era of grace, even as it bonds you with the present, forging connections that transcend time. Here's to the Ginger Mule—a fusion of past and present that's as thoughtful and smart as the person who sips it. Cheers!

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