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No Alcohol. No Sugar. Non-Intoxicating.

The New Social Lube: A Guide to Using Sacred Plants to Gather Happy.

For as long as humans have lived, we have gathered with one another: to celebrate, to mourn, to worship, to dance, to sing, and simply to be together. No matter the reason, the spot, or the vibe, that magical feeling we only ever get when we gather is an essential part of what makes humans — well — human. This “collective effervescence” (coined by the French sociologist Émile Durkheim) is the shared euphoria we feel from being together. In contrast to the time we spend working solo on a variety of mundane tasks and responsibilities, when we take time to be together, it brings us deeper meaning and interconnectedness. 

Creating spaces and moments for real connection

In our modern world, alcohol is a mainstay for social gatherings, from dinner parties to music festivals, and everything in between. I mean, I can’t even remember the last time we had a family Thanksgiving without multiple magnums of California red. 

The thing is, while alcohol may help us lower our inhibitions and enable the conversation to flow more easily, it comes with a whole host of negative side effects that actually decrease our ability to connect with others in a real and meaningful way — and I’m not just talking about the hangover the next day. I’m talking about going to far with my politics talk and hurting my mom’s feelings, getting too sharp with my sister after a second Negroni, and, of course, getting a little too frisky with someone I didn’t have any non-alcohol-related connection with after the holiday party. 

As we put our energy into curating inviting spaces and crafting magical moments for true connection, it only makes sense to put the same level of intentionality into the ingredients in the libations we utilize to enhance it. In comparison to alcohol, which dims our senses and ability to connect, certain sacred plants (i.e. those with curative and spiritual properties) have the power to help us feel more present and alive. 

Here are a handful of our favorite sacred plants that can help us establish the truest kind of collective effervescence.

Sacred plants and their curative properties

  • Reishi: Consider this mushroom your relational yoga; Reishi’s adaptogenic properties naturally decrease stress and anxiety while lifting our moods, grounding us in our interactions by dropping us out of our heads and into our bodies.
  • CBD: Pumps the brakes on your anxiety and pumps up the oxytocin, helping you feel all safe, cozy, and connected. Who knows – if you’re lucky, maybe this infamous “love drug” will even bring Cupid out to play at your next get-together.
  • Lion's Mane: Ready to transform into a master conversationalist? This functional mushroom awakens the brilliance within and reduces mild anxiety – along with a pretty hefty side helping of other cognitive benefits that can last for several days afterwards.

When it comes to playing plant mixologist, I’ve learned that less is more; truly, just a couple of these gentle adaptogens can harmonize beautifully for powerful effects. The Little Saints plant magic stack was created by food scientists and blessed by a shaman as an approach to feeling better and connecting more deeply — and when it comes to this proprietary blend of reishi and CBD, we find the benefits only multiply. Want to imbibe your own way to increased serotonin and gather happy with us? Give one of our delicious plant magic mocktails a try at your next get-together.

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