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No Alcohol. No Sugar. Non-Intoxicating.

Intentional Beverage Production

At Little Saints, we believe that intention makes all of the difference.

You know that warm feeling you get after eating a meal prepared for you with love? That's just that feeling that we hope to deliver with every can of our plant magic mocktails, each of which is created with the intention to deliver feelings of joy and connection to anyone who drinks them. Rather than simply "using" plants as mere ingredients, we welcome them as conscious participants in our wellness journey.

Today I attended our newest production run to deliver the following intention set by Ashley Green DeLaune, Little Saints' sacred plant medicine teacher, to the plant ingredients in our mocktails.

Illuminate our hearts, our minds and our bodies with your medicine, Connect us with our highest selves, and Help us live more mindfully, joyfully and kindly, and Help us make it all more fun! 

Not only do I state the intention directly to the production batches, but our team at home recites it to themselves. In other words, a lot of love goes into our mocktails, and we hope you feel it!

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