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A Love Letter to Mushrooms

What’s the ultimate connector of the plant kingdom? A vegan fiber source that can be used to create sustainable materials? A divine plant medicine used throughout multiple generations and cultures? An endlessly fascinating little wonder with approximately 14,000 species?


Mushrooms are the guiding light of Little Saints and the key ingredient in each of our formulas. In fact, Little Saints means mushrooms! Many people refer to mushrooms as “little saints” because they bring joy and connection to spirit. And while of course our Little Saints plant magic mocktails don’t contain that kind of magic mushrooms, we created them intentionally to deliver the sense of emotional well-being and renewed spirit associated with the mushroom queen-dom.

In the spirit of September being National Mushroom Month, we're celebrating our queen: Reishi mushroom. Traditional healers have used this adaptogenic mushroom for centuries to boost resilience and promote a feeling of calm, which is why it's a key component in our Plant Magic Stack. We source our Reishi with love from a partner who creates the Reishi extract in small batches specifically for our formulas.

While there are many very seriously amazing facts about Reishi, we’re choosing to share the facts about Reishi that bring us the most joy.

  • Reishi have multiple names, including “the divine fungus”, “mushroom of immortality” and “magic fungus”
  • Reishi is an adaptogenic mushroom that helps to restore emotional balance and reduce stress
  • Like all mushrooms, Reishi is a master connector of the plant kingdom, helping roots absorb more nutrients and plants communicate with one another.
  • Reishi is spiritual! Known in Chinese lore as the bridge between heaven and earth, Reishi can enhance a spiritual practice by making us feel more connected with nature and people.
If you love Reishi and want to share how it brings you joy, please share in the comments below!

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