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No Alcohol. No Sugar. Non-Intoxicating.

How to be better in bed and how Little Saints might help

With a mostly remote team, I share a two-person office with our founder, Megan. If you know Megan, you can likely imagine what’s shared amongst our jaguar wallpaper and sea of plants. When we’re not talking content strategy, formulation and combing through spreadsheets, we’re likely talking about philosophy, tree essences and fairies – standard corporate jargon.

In the throes of discussing a conversation she had with a tree that morning (again, usual conversation topics), Megan asked me how I define the expansion of consciousness.

“Expanding the awareness of the subconscious,” I rattled back with a certain amount of amusement in my voice.

I spend more time than I’d care to admit exploring my subconscious. What started as necessary self improvement became a full-on hobby – mostly because I find the exploration and the outcomes of said exploration endlessly fascinating.

Megan tilted her head and looked up at the corner of the room.

“Interesting,” she said. “I define it as expanding the awareness of the body”.

Because the conscious and subconscious speak to the body, and the body speaks to the conscious and subconscious minds, we were essentially saying the same thing (research explains this here), but with a tiny caveat: the body is more intelligent than our mind will ever be because our body is mostly responding to our subconscious.

And if you’re not obsessed with your subconscious mind like Megan and I are, it’s important to know our conscious mind only processes roughly 5% of our total experience, meaning 95% of life experience is sitting unprocessed in the subconscious.

In short, our bodies know what we want, don’t want and what to do before our minds do. As such, our bodies are a lot happier when our logical mind isn’t constantly in the way (for example, think about how much anxiety we stir up when we start thinking too much about processes our body is capable of doing involuntarily). 

While we think alcohol accomplishes this feat, it actually does the opposite and forces our nervous system into its sympathetic state. Put simply, it puts our body in a state of stress; we’re just dissociated from that stress.

When formulating for Little Saints, Megan is constantly preaching about the importance of formulating our fuel to help enable connection to the body, in part by helping the nervous system stay in its relaxed, parasympathetic state. 

Does it help us be more in our bodies? Yes or no? It’s a no? We’re not doing it.

While marketing that our drinks “make you feel more in your body” wouldn’t mean anything to 99.9% of people, it’s why they make people feel good.

When we’re “in our bodies,” we’re out of the monkey mind and dropped into the parasympathetic nervous system, signaling back to the brain that everything is A-OK. 

This positive signal makes everything from the dance floor to the bedroom that much more enjoyable because we’re not thinking about how we look and if we’re doing the dang thing right. 

Not only is reishi mushroom – the primary functional fuel in our non-alcoholic cocktails – a lesser-discussed aphrodisiac, it does an exceptional job of dropping us into the parasympathetic nervous system, and therefore, into the magic of the body

This means less overthinking, more freedom and more feeling. It creates a sort of flow, allowing us to connect more truthfully to a friend or lover and takes the guesswork and anxiety out of how to do it.

While this hasn’t been validated by science (yet), my experience proves being in this state also makes a romantic mismatch clear. When things clash more than they click, the "no" feels obvious – something we typically override while drinking alcohol or relying solely on our logical mind. 

We’re lucky enough to live in the era of endless information – we can learn anything we desire with a few swipes and clicks. So, what would happen if we combined the power of external information with the intelligence of our most primal self?

We see a world with more creation, deeper connection and, yes … better sex.

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