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No Alcohol. No Sugar. Non-Intoxicating.

Celebrating our Detroit Roots on Our 1 Year Anniversary

As we head towards our one year anniversary, I'm feeling nostalgic and full of love for Detroit. Our Plant Magic Mocktails were born during Detroit's most famous music weekend - the Movement Music Festival, a celebration of the city’s techno roots. Covid restrictions meant there was no official festival over Memorial Day weekend 2021, but that didn't stop rebellious music venues from throwing their own "Mini Movement" parties all over the city. Spot Lite, an amazing art + music venue, agreed to be the first in Detroit to serve Little Saints. We debuted Baby Mint, our brand new plant magic vending trailer, right outside of Spotlite and served our plant magic mocktails to the music and dance-loving crowd. 

As an early stage founder, I was running the company completely alone at the time but I was lucky enough to tap my Detroit community to join in on the fun.  We made our Terpene Queen costumes by hand, and transformed into these joyful characters with our favorite local makeup artist. We listened to music while getting ready — channeling the energy and spirit of years past.

No launch goes without some kind of glitch.  Our cute but temperamental Baby Mint rolled into the street and accidentally locked us out!  But she made up for it by drawing the best crowd to us. That weekend we served hundreds of plant magic mocktails to Detroiters who were so excited for a non-alcoholic, sugar-free and delicious option after spending the pandemic drinking too much booze. We connected about plant magic, music, psychedelics, CBD, dancing and consciousness. 

In honor of our anniversary, I am feeling immense gratitude to Detroit — one of the most  inspiring, creative, diverse, places where ideas are born and dreams are made. To each and every one of you that visited Baby Mint, tried our plant magic mocktails and supported us in those early days, — THANK YOU!

With all of my plant-inspired love,

Megan Klein, Founder



  • Posted by Susan Frautschi on

    Congrats Megan! Hard work is paying off!

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