About Us



Little Saints was born during the pandemic as my antidote to drinking too much alcohol and feeling terrible about it. After one too many days spent feeling sluggish and wrinkly from the previous night's two glasses of wine, I started searching for a drink that could naturally lift my mood. As a wellness entrepreneur (before Little Saints I founded the plant-based foods brand, Field + Farmer), I am deeply passionate about using clean, plant-based ingredients to improve the way that we all feel. I'd never heard of a functional mocktail before, but I know the magic of plants and was determined to create something that would make me feel good without getting me drunk or high.

So, I set out on a research quest to learn about the magical world of terpenes, mushrooms and CBD, and how those three ingredients can work together to create the lifted, sparkly, happy feeling that we all want to feel. After much experimentation, I landed on what became the Little Saints plant magic "stack" - nano CBD (fast acting, really works), terpenes with uplifting effects and Reishi mushroom - the "longevity" mushroom in Chinese medicine with brain boosting properties. 

But it's not all science here! Plant magic is fun, and so on top of that glorious plant magic "stack", we created all-natural, plant-based flavors to mimic our favorite cocktails. This is not a "get sober or get left behind" kind of company. We exist to give you options to enhance your life whenever you need it. 

I hope you enjoy getting lifted naturally as much as I do. With much green love,

Megan Klein