About Us



Megan Klein is a wellness entrepreneur with deep experience in the natural foods space. Before she created Little Saints, she founded a plant-based food and beverage brand that is sold in grocery stores throughout the United States. Having seen how plant-based foods improve people’s lives, Megan created Little Saints to elevate our escapist experiences through the magic of plant-based and functional materials and ingredients. 

Having set out to create "just" an edibles brand, Megan quickly realized that there is a lot of magic to be learned from hemp beyond just the parts that get you high. So in addition to launching the edibles brand in Michigan in 2021 (which, for the avoidance of doubt, will not be sold on the internet), Megan decided to launch a line of premium adult accessories, all inspired by fun and connection to others.

Megan's favorite way to cocktail mask is to pair her emerald hemp silk cocktail mask with a festive Negroni and a 5mg edible.