Grapefruit Paloma Plant Magic Mocktails - 4 Pack

  • $26.00

Do you like the taste of a grapefruit paloma cocktail on a warm summer day? Do you love the way the slightly salty, slightly citrus taste hits your tongue and makes you feel all warm and loose? And are you looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to that glorious feeling?

Well then, this Grapefruit Paloma mocktail is just for you. 

All natural, sugar free and plant-based, each of our Plant Magic Mocktails is a plant magic wonder, powered by:

  • Fast-acting, clean, nano-emulsified CBD

  • Uplifting botanical terpenes, and 

  • Reishi mushroom extract

That powerful plant magic "stack" makes you feel good naturally, and no, it doesn't make you high. (Here is a link to our lab reports showing that this CBD is 100% federally legal.)

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