What makes Little Saints cocktail masks the best of the rest?

Little Saints cocktail masks are premium-priced because - unlike the other cocktail masks out there - they're made of fine hemp fabric, are highly functional, and more eco-friendly than any other cocktail mask on the market. 

Most cocktail masks are made of polyester blends and fabricated in China. Our cocktail masks contain 4 layers of premium fabrics -- 2 hemp silk outer layers, one antimicrobial interlayer, and one hemp cotton inner layer. Not only are hemp-based fabrics better for the planet, but they also are more antimicrobial than polyester and cotton-based fabrics. 

In addition the premium fabrics, Little Saints masks are more functional than the other cocktail masks. Most other cocktail masks function by a metal grommet hole, which is not only difficult to maneuver but it also harbors bacteria and other microbes where the fabric touches the metal. Some cocktail masks have a hidden fabric hole, like ours, but the placement is on the side of the mouth where it's nearly impossible to drink without a mirror. You'll see when you try your Little Saints cocktail mask, that the size and placement of the hidden straw hole are ideal for drinking with your metal straw. 

Finally, Little Saints cocktail masks are more eco friendly than other cocktail masks (and other masks in general) because of their intentional and sustainable supply chain. Hemp-based fabrics are better because hemp sequesters carbon and takes less resources to grow than other fabrics. The masks are hand dyed and sewn in the United States, not China. And the packaging is made of 99% recycled and recyclable materials, with the only exception being the plastic around the metal straw included for sanitary reasons. 

We'd love to hear about your experience with Little Saints cocktail masks in the comments below. Thank you and safe drinking! 

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