Hemp is the best way to mask

If you were like us, your mask game started out pretty basic, with surgical masks and patterned cotton masks you bought in 3-packs. As the months went by, you wanted something more premium to complement your outfits when you left the house. And not only did you want something that looked premium, you also wanted something functional, safe and that didn't make you break out. You likely haven't found your mask match yet, until now. 
The secret sauce to every Little Saints cocktail mask is hemp -- the most sustainable, most functional and most premium fabric for mask use, for the following reasons: 
  • First, hemp fabrics are believed to be naturally antimicrobial by virtue of the cannabinoids, alkaloids, and other bioactive compounds inherent in their fibers. This means less face irritation, less breakouts, and more peace of mind. 
  • Second, hemp is a more sustainable fabric than both synthetic fabrics and even naturally-grown cottons. Because hemp is a natural weed, it grows bigger and faster than other plants without pesticides or sophisticated irrigation. In fact, hemp can produce 250% more fiber than cotton using the same amount of land.
  • Third, hemp fabrics are supremely durable and will outlast your cotton and polyester masks by years. The more you use a hemp-based fabric, the softer it gets. 
We source the our raw hemp silks from a Northern California supplier, and have them hand-dyed with natural colors in Los Angeles. Local artisans in Chicago sew the masks, and we deliver them to you from our headquarters in Detroit. 




  • Posted by Leah Kim-Choi on

    Hemp silk masks can be put into a mesh bag and thrown into the laundry + drying machine! Love it so much!

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